Age Of Context Book Review @shelisrael @Scobleizer


The Age Of Context will be out on Amazon September 25, go add it to your wishlist and pick yourself up a copy!

The Age of Context is one of the most important books you will read if you are concerned or curious about how today’s technology will impact your life both now and in the future. Robert and Shel have their finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley and its technology that affects our everyday life. Because Robert lives and works there, he gets access to some of the best minds and products in technology. This accessibility has allowed him to be aware new breakthroughs before he’s even allowed to discuss them through NDA’s. Not only is Robert exceedingly bright, his passion for technology and how it applies to everyday people is off the chart.

The book removes the nerdiness and technical terms, delivering it into an easy uncomplicated read for the average person to understand. A book you don’t have to be an engineer to comprehend. The discussion about how sensors will affect our changing business, jobs, everyday life, and economy are astounding and eye opening.

If you’re interested and care about how technology will impact your business, your job, as well as your personal life – this book is a MUST READ. It addresses mobile, social media, big data, sensors, location-based technologies, and the massive impact it will have in our global world. The Age of Context helps show us how sensors and technology will dynamically change our world in ways almost unseen or real.
We live in a nanosecond rapidly changing world. Read it now or get left behind.