Cinchcast’s International Man of Comedy

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This week I had the honor of interviewing Cinch funny man Chris Voss for our blog here at CinchCast. Chris is an entrepreneur, avid blogger, and host of “The Chris Voss Show.” He has been known to crack a few jokes, give restaurant reviews, give sound advice on everything from life to technology, or just rant about the road conditions. Whatever it is Chris is doing, you can be sure of one thing, he will keep it interesting. So without further ado I give you my interview with Chris Voss.

Whats your name, where are you from, and where do you call home these days?
Ok, here’s my answers, but can you get the light outta my face…I’ll talk already…lol. Chris Voss. Las Vegas. A suburban single family dwelling with a garage and yard. I call it home and sometimes The Money Pit.
What is it you do?
OMG what the heck am I doing? Mostly I’m a blogger on The Chris Voss Show dot com. I have a nepotism deal with the owner! I’m President of Strategix One Consulting and I consult for business and social media. I’m a bit of a demi-god on Twitter (top 1500). I also run SeeinLasVegas dot com, and a few other companies. I also shower 7 days a week, sleep, eat and I’m an Aquarius…

If you havent checked out CinchCast yet, you should its a lot of fun and great with your iPhone!