FREE WHITE PAPER – Customer Service in the Digital World @Incite_Social


Our friends at Incite recently released a new white paper – Customer Service in the Digital World – and I thought it would be of value:

The FREE 10-page briefing looks at the top digital care trends and priorities, as identified by your corporate peers, including:

– BRIDGING THE MULTI-CHANNEL GAP: The quality of a customer’s journey is as important as any one interaction, making it vital for brands to deliver both seamless and consistent service, regardless of the channel

– PERSONALIZATION IN THE DIGITAL WORLD: Providing context-rich support is no longer a differentiator. Brands must now profile their customer base in order to find the conversations that matter most, and thus deliver personalized and timely responses

– CHATBOTS, AND THE FUTURE OF FACE-TO- FACE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Seen as a potential panacea for a host of corporate aches, it seems chatbots are inevitably on their way. What does this mean however, for the human face of customer service?

You can get hold of your copy here:

We thought it would be of value, so enjoy!