Future of Mobile Marketing with NFC and Object-Based Media

NFC stands for Near field communication and is a wireless technology that allows for very short range communication between just two devices. You’ve probably heard a lot about how NFC will affect mobile payments. Soon NFC chips will be standard in mobile phones. In essence, when you walk into a store to shop you can pickup what you want, skip the cash register and as you walk out your mobile phone will pay for the items you wanted. You phone could automatically check you into foursquare or check a phone app to see what coupons or discounts would be at that store.

Object-Based media is objects with NFC that can produce Media links such as Video, Augmented Reality or websites pop up on people mobile devices.

The exciting part is how it can be used in marketing. As you watch the video below imagine walking down and isle at a store and waving your mobile phone over a product of interest and having a marketing video or website come up on your phone. Or better yet imagine in front of the product is an Augmented Reality sticker on the floor that causes a real life hologram AR salesperson to popup? Imagine being at a club and you point your phone at mine and you can see my videos and blog.

Brings a whole new level to consumer education and point of sale buying huh. Imagine the possibilities…