Google Wave – Current and Pending Apps

Heres a list of some of the current and pending Google Wave Apps – they can be added just by adding the email address to your links. They have some neat stuff.

Heres the pretty link

Heres the Run Down by Topic:


(To use robots, add them as a contact, then add the robot-contact to a wave)

ogenex – [email protected] – An implementation of the Eliza chatbot borrowed from the NLTK.
Eliza the Robot Shrink – [email protected] – Is one of the first robots that was created by non Googler and is very useful if you are feeling alone in your Google Wave client.
Natatory – [email protected] – An obnoxious chatbot borrowed from the Natural Language Processing Toolkit.
TooAngel Wave – In Progress – [email protected] – A self learning robot, that will respond to a reply in a more humanoid way

BotURL – [email protected] – A URL Linker that replaces full URLs with hyperlinks.
Calcbot – [email protected] – This bot will do in place calculations for simple mathematical expressions and allow you to use user defined variables.
Cartoony – [email protected] – Replaces the text of every submitted blip with a cartoon balloon that contains the text instead. Colors the balloons based on username.
CleanTXT – [email protected] – Cleans up blips by converting TXT shorts/common misspellings; adding capitals and removing empty blips.
Dice Bot – [email protected] – Dice-rolling bot. Dice Bot will replace XdY (X is the number of dice; Y is the number of sides) with the results of those rolls.
Flippy – [email protected] – Turns text upside-down.
Fnordlinky – [email protected] – Replaces “PMID ” with article information from PubMed.
Hearty – [email protected] – Replaces ASCII art with wingding characters.
i-cron – [email protected] – Evaluates Python expressions. Looks at blips in event, searches for CALC() macros and executes Python code using exec().
Insulty – [email protected] – Information Needed
IPA Bot – [email protected] – Changes normal letters into special characters used for phonetics.
Piratify – [email protected] – Turns whatever you type into “Pirate Speak” .. Arrrr.
plotzie – [email protected] – Plots sparklines from your data.
profanobeepy – In Progress – [email protected] – Replaces profanities with a censored version with ***’s blanking out the letters.
Shortee – Wish – Change “c u l8r” to “see you later” etc.
Swedish Chef – [email protected] – Changes english into Swedish-Chef Speak. Bork! Bork!
kasyntaxy – [email protected] – Syntaxy does blip-by-blip syntax highlighting for a variety of languages including Python, Java, C, C++, html, css and javascript.
watexy – [email protected] – Use LaTeX mathematical language in your Waves!
WaveAlpha – [email protected] – It empowers the user with the ability to query Wolfram Alpha’s Computational Knowledge Search Engine right from a “wavelet” and retrieve the results right into the “blip”.
Wikify – [email protected] – Replaces specific marked up text with a link to Wikipedia or a description relevant to the marked text.


Hangman bot – [email protected] – Play Hangman.
Roshambo Robot – [email protected] – Play Roshambo (Rock / Paper / Scissors).
Speedy – Wish – Track the words per minute of all participants, competitive typing!

Groupy – [email protected] – Robot to manage groups.
Groupy – [email protected] – Robot to manage groups.
WaveGroupy – [email protected] – The bot automatically adds a group widget, which you can use to browse the neighbourhood, and add/remove your wave to groups.
Integration Robot – [email protected] – Creates a drop and puts the info into the wave whenever the robot is added as a participant.
leprobot – In Progress – [email protected] – This is humor bot developed for thousands of members site. This is very creative invite-only community. Russian description: Бот эмулирует работу парсера который используется внутри сайта
OpenAustrailia – In Progress – A robot to allow interaction with the OpenAustralia web site.
PlonieBot – In Progress – [email protected] – Brings wave document editing capabilities to the Plone CMS
Poppy – In Progress – [email protected] – Helps bridge Google Wave conversations to email users outside the Wave.
Rssybot – [email protected] – Turn google wave into an RSS reader! Add Rssybot to a thread, then enter the URL to the RSS feed you want watch and press subscribe. When a new post appears on the feed Rssybot will put it into the wave for you! Clicking on the post will expand the feed.
Starify Bot – [email protected] – Lets you star waves, in sort of bookmarking style.
Tweety the Twitbot – [email protected] – You can access your Twitter account.
Twiliobot – [email protected] – Transforms phone numbers into click-to-call links. If user clicks a link, a call is placed to his phone and to the number in the link. The call can be transcribed and inserted into the wave as text with a link to the audio.
WaveEmail – In Progress – [email protected] – Provide an extension to Google Wave which will allow the integration of both sending and receiving emails.
Wave Live Messenger – [email protected] – Allows you to chat to your windows live messenger contacts from inside a wave.


Aunt Rosie – [email protected] – Aunt Rosie will automatically insert a language drop down into your blip when you’ve typed enough for her to recognize your language. Select the language you’d like to translate to and she’ll reply with the translation.
PhilBot – Wish – A suggested solution to the problem of waves with languages you can’t read.
Rosy Etta – In Progress – [email protected] – Translator (40 Languages).


Polly the Pollster – [email protected] – Poll Bot.
Search / Aggregation

clisearch – [email protected] – Allows you to have an organized dialog between user and search engine. The key feature is produce ready information instead big number of links. Algorithm of work is: user input request and get the relevant information (not more than some sentence) as an answer.
Dr. Maps – [email protected] – Updates a wave by inserting a map associated to an address.
DrWeather – [email protected] – Gives the weather for a City
WaveSearch – [email protected] – Web and Image searches inline.
FML Blipper – [email protected] – displays random FML story from
grauniady – [email protected] – Searches the latest items from The Guardian for a given phrase.
Stocky – [email protected] – Detects stock symbols from a wave and updates it with the live stock price.
WaveArchive – [email protected] – WaveArchive is a publicly browsable, web-based archive of selected public waves. Inviting WaveArchive to your public wave will take the latest version of the first blip.
Wavethingy – [email protected] – Searches Amazon for DVDs and books, and gives the author a cut of any purchases made off the links.
WaveVotely – [email protected] – The robot will automatically embed the voting gadget at the top of your wave; and from hereon, every wave user can cast one +/- vote on your wave.
Yelpful – [email protected] – Searches Yelp with a user defined location and category.


AmazonBot – [email protected] – Enables social product research and shopping on Wave participants can share products & reviews with contacts in real-time thanks to automatic queries by the AmazonBot against conversation keywords. The AmazonBot gadget can detect products and return inline product links or a custom full product browser.
AmazonMP3Bot – [email protected] – Enables social mp3 music research and shopping on
Bloggy – [email protected] – Will make the wave public when Bloggy is added to a wave, and embed the wave at[username] ONLY WORKS IN DEVELOPER SANDOX Bot – [email protected] – Shortens the url using bitly.
Botty – Wish – Will automatically add a set of useful bots to a wave according to a collection of bots (so they don’t have to individually be added when you use them all the time.
Chart Bot – [email protected] – A robot to display charts and diagrams.
CountColon – [email protected] – Adds text statistics to your blips (words, lines, etc.)
CompanionSphere – [email protected] – Collection of geek utils, first working verb is “lookup” for wikipedia/wiktionary one-line descriptions.
Databot – Wish – Will start as soon as the GData interface is published.
Emoticony – [email protected] – Replaces text representations of emoticons with the relevant image.
JBREAKOUT BOT ADDED – [email protected] – Debug utility that reports event triggers.
Madoqua Wave Bot – [email protected] – Currently this bot provides temporary wave ID’s and a clone of the Embeddy gadget to ease embedding of waves into web blog/sites. Soon this functionality will be superceded by the Embeddy bot when it is updated.
Maison – [email protected] – Makes blips public at
Multi – [email protected] – A quote collector. Reply a blip you want to quote with ‘quote this’ and randomly display a quote with ‘quote ’. The bot is still being under development but you can try playing with it.
Natural Language Processing – [email protected] – Adds blips with NLP analysis.
Nokar – [email protected] – Has many features such as translations, image insertion, insert last tweets etc.
posterous-robot – [email protected] – A robot for user to post blog in Google Wave. Here is how to write a blog using Google Wave Robot for Posterous.
Publisher – [email protected] – Information Needed
qrdatabot – [email protected] – QrdataBot will insert a QRcode image generated for each link in the wave. Just type any link and click “DONE”. The QRcode image for all links will appear in the wave !!
Skimmy – wave-s[email protected] – Converts text emoticons, from : ) to img. Has a bookmarklet which creates a popup menu to insert emoticons for which the code is unknown.
Smiley – [email protected] – Changes the smiley symbols to smiley images.
Smiley – In Progress – [email protected] – Changes the smiley symbols to smiley images.
Style Chart – [email protected] – Inserts a chart into a wave.
XMPP – [email protected] – Allows you to subscribe to waves so that your receive notifications via XMPP when users modify them.

Wave Management

Bouncy – [email protected] – Allows you to remove robots from a wave. Doesn’t seem to work on real people though, and laughs if you try to ask it to kick itself out. To get it to kick a bot out, type “bounce:[email protected]
Linear – Wish – Enforce all replies to be to the main wave. If a user replies to a reply, remove it and place it as a reply to the main wavelet.
Read-Onlie – [email protected] – Records the original wave content. Whenever it’s edited, the content is replaced with the original. Simple as that.
SeekDroid – [email protected] – You can list Robots, add them and find them out, easy to use. In continuous development. Website with all the information
Sweepy – [email protected] – Remove empty, whitespace-only blips.
Taggy – [email protected] – Recognize #hashtags and add them as tags to the wave.
TOC Generator – [email protected] – Table of Contents auto-generated and updated based on the h1,h2,h3,h4 in a wave.
wavelet-title-bot – [email protected] – Changes waves title’s to “New Title” works most of the time on those waves that cannot get their title back.
twitusernames – [email protected] – Replaces all Twitter @username with links to the Twitter accounts.


(To use gadgets, once editing a blip, just click on the green puzzle piece, and enter the url into the bottom text box)

6rounds – – A collaborative video chat experience where you can share videos, play games, browse together and more!
Ajax Animator Gadget – In Progress – – A fully integrated multi-user web based vector graphic animation authoring environment.
AmazonBot Gadget – – The AmazonBot gadget can detect products and return inline product links or a custom full product browser.
AmazonMP3Bot Gadget – – Enables social mp3 music research and shopping on
Bidder – – Simple Auction.
Checky – – Basecamp-like checklists with drag-and-drop.
ClackPoint Wave Gadget – – – Enables you to add audio-conferencing to your waves with a single click. Each wave with the ClackPoint gadget installed has its own private audio-conference, with participation available directly through the browser using our Flash 10 plugin, or via telephone using the provided code. Non-Wave participants can also be included by using the phone and sharing a participant code.
Click me – – Shows a button with a counter. Each time the button gets clicked, the counter is incremented by one. Shows off how the state interaction works.
HTML- – Embed any HTML into a wave.
iWave – – Allows you to create a profile on wave to make wave just a little more personal. Uses facebook connect to retrieve your details if you sign in.
Licensing – In Progress – – Creative Commons RDF Embedding – Planning Stage.
Likey – – A simple like/dislike gadget that can be added to a blip for intuitive user rating. It tells you how many people have liked, how many have disliked, and what you selected. You can also change your selection.
Maps – -Embed Google Map.
Napkin – – Example of Flash/Flex Wave Gadget, similar to Whiteboard gadget above – source on Google Code.
Plany – – Plany is a wave gadget for collaboratively creating a project plan and to keep track of project progress.
Poll – – – Poll wave participants for their opinion.
QuakeBot – In Progress – Server information on the Quake 3 protocol.
Raffly – – Insert this gadget to select a random participant from your wave to be the winner. The winner of what? Well that’s up to you 🙂
Ratings – – Lets participants rate and review a topic (movie, restaurant, etc) in a wave and shows a tally of the result.
Ribbit Conference Gadget – – Allows Wave participants to escalate an online collaboration session to a real-time audio communications session, allowing participants to talk with each other while collaborating.
Slashdot Gadget – – Loads latest Headlines from Slashdot.
Rssybot – – Rssybot Gadget Installer will add it to your new wave menu. Selecting Rssybot will create a new wave with Rssybot and you. Enter the URL to the RSS feed you want watch and press subscribe. When a new post appears on the feed Rssybot will put it into the wave for you! Clicking on the post will expand the feed.
Total number of seconds spent by everyone while reading a wave – – Shows the total number of seconds everyone spent reading the wave. The counter goes faster when several people read it at the same time.
Troco – An experimental peer-to-peer currency – – Aims to provide a decentralized complementary community currency system, that is, a peer-to-peer currency system. Also you can see it as an IOU or promissory note based system. More info click here.
Vector Editor – – A cross platform collaborative real time vector graphics editor.
Voicy – – – A voice recording/sharing system. A new way to share thoughts, greetings and something more than emoticons, in google wave.
Whiteboard gadget – – Draw on a virtual whiteboard.
Who is Coming? – -Show a list of all people that have said whether they will come or not.
XBox GamerCard – – Displays your XBox gamer card with your tag name.


Backgammon – Wish – Remove all of one’s own checkers from the board before one’s opponent can do the same. [Wikipedia]
Battleship – Wish – Displays different board based on user.
Boxes – In Progress – Connect lines to make boxes and win.
Cards – – Play card games.
Chess – – Play chess.
Connect 4/Four-in-a-row – In Progress – – 2 users + observers, turn locking, just waiting to write win-detection code.
Floodit – – 2 player race to fill a board with colors.
Magnetic Poetry – – Re-arrange random words to form poetry.
Match them colors! – In Progress – Match 3 / gem matching game.
Othello – Wish – Play Reversi.
Sudoku – – Play Sudoku.
The Button – – A useless (I mean USELESS) game.


CVS integration – Wish – CVS history can be converted into a wave with playback.
GIT integration – Wish – GIT history can be imported and played back (dffs).
SVN integration – Wish – SVN History can be converted into a wave with playback.
Browser Extensions for Google \/\/ave

Chrome Extensions

(To use Chrome Extension, switch to Developer Build, add –enable extensions to the shortcut’s target link, and download the extension)

Google Wave Scrollbars – – Changes the wave scrollbars to the default system scrollbars.

Google Wave Checker – – Displays your number of unread Waves. Based on Google Wave Notifier for Firefox.
Firefox Add-ons


Google Wave Notifier – – If you have a Google Wave account, enter your login and password in the settings and it will log you in and notify you of new wavelets in your inbox.
WiseStamp – – Enables you to share your Google Wave contact info in your email signature.
Phone Apps for Google wave

iPhone – iPod Touch


Waver – – In Progress – Here is the Google Wave iPhone App. It is still in development, but downloading it will set it up to receive all future updates for the iPhone App.