How To Use Facebook’s Friendship Pages – Are We Going from Voyeur to a Stalker Society?

Facebook has their Facebook Friendship Pages out, a way to see the conversations you’ve had between, you and your friends and their friends. You can only see conversations with both of the other people, if you are friends with them both also.

My first impression is its a great tool for stalkers to use and divorce attorneys (see Facebook Facebook Main Source of Evidence for Divorce Attorneys Personally, I find it creepy and invasive. It would be great for me if I could see whose using it the most on my profile. This will give people in relationships more info to track their lovers communications for good or bad. I can see domestic disputes rising.

One way to help you find your friends discussions easily is by url in your browser:[User ID or Username #1]?and=[User ID or Username #2]

You can see below on a profile of your friends, the profile picture on the left is the line “View You and “Friend.” This is where you can click to see all the discussions between you and them. In the Post column, you can see next to comments, share: “See Friendship.” This enables you to literally go down their post list and see the discussions between each of the posters and discussions with your friend, assuming you both are friends with the person.

On the next picture below, on the “See Friendship” results page, you can see on the right, the ability to browse other relationships and suggested friends. All I can say is WOW. On one hand I understand the viewer/voyeur mentality of our society, but is more of this data is teaching us to be stalkers more so? I was going to some parties recently and called my friends to see where the parties were at. Someone suggested to just follow peoples Foursquare check ins. Disturbing to think but maybe I’m old school. Tell me what you think in the comments below.