My Dogs Cancer & Pending Book About Dying, Death And Loss #Gofundme


Abby, my husky of 15 years is suffering from Anal Sac Tumor Cancer. Right now she’s been on a cancer diet fighting to live. She has turned 3 days to live from the doctor into 2 months as I’ve been at home with her providing hospice care. Shes still eating , going to the dog park, a light in her eyes but, the cysts are going super fast and time is running out.

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I dont want Abby’s contribution to life to end with hers. I want to start work immediately writing a book to self-publish about going through the emotional experience of hospice care and death, to help others facing the same issues. I want to help people get closure with these emotions.

At 46, the last time I experienced death and loss was from my Grandmother in 1989. Nearly 25 years of no one dying around me, gave me a feeling of immortality with 2 healthy 13 year old Huskies: Shadow and Abby. That mindset came crushing down 2 years ago when Shadow died with no warning from a massive seizure that would not end. Being a lifelong single guy with no kids but my dog children, I was destroyed emotionally. Part of my family was destroyed. Now the other part Abby is going as well.

Being a very vocal sharing social media person, I wrote many posts and stories sharing my open wound of grieving pain. People cried with me. I did a memorial video of Shadow that helped thousands get closure and deal with their own loss emotions.

Then almost a month later after Shadow my best friend died. Then almost a month later my father. Then a month later I was told Abby had a cancerous cyst growing under her chin. She survived but for 4 months it was a brutal hell beating of death for me almost having someone I loved die every month.

I wrote much during that time baring my soul on social media. Many people thanked me for helping them get closure on their own pain.

Right now Abby may have a month or less. I’m keeping a journal of our journey, emotions, thoughts and attempts to keep perspective of it all.

Bottom Line: You can help contribute towards Abby’s health costs now but, you’ll also be helping publish a book that will hopefully heal many people which will make her life live on and make a difference in helping the world.

Much of this money will go to self-publishing cost & time, book printing, editors, art work etc. It may take about 6 months of my time to finish writing, compiling and editing.

I want to make Abby’s & Shadows lives contribute to make a huge difference in helping people through this painful process. I’ve seen what my writing has done so far on social media and Shadows memorial video.

We will be eternally grateful for any help you can give and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.