Put social media at the heart of your business strategy with #CSMNY @Usefulsocial


70% of C-Suite executives say social represents an opportunity to transform their business for the better. Social media has overturned the traditional business-customer relationship. It’s increasingly critical to not only deliver messages of real value and relevance, but to do so over an ever-changing roster of channels and platforms.

According to IBM, only 34% of organizations have an in-depth understanding of their customers. And this is where the social comes in, helping companies drive this new, more personalized way of ‘doing business’

It offers a plethora of channels and customer touch-points to help companies truly understand what their customers are doing, thinking and saying. The business that understands, embraces and
leverages these possibilities will be more successful than they’ve ever been.

The Corporate Social Media Summit New York will help you do just that:

The purpose of #CSMNY is to bring together Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Communications Officers and Social Media SVPs to discuss the tough questions every social media/marketing and comms
professional faces.

Find out how the unrivalled speaker line-up will help you map-out your future, customer-centric, social strategy:

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