Review of Richard Branson Virgin iPad Multimedia Magazine: Project

I got a copy of the new iPad Magazine Project, by Richard Bransons Virgin Company, and have been blown away by the scope of the full utilization of the iPads ability to deliver an extensive multimedia experience. The magazine does an incredible job of utilizing multimedia and interaction across the App. Sliding Photos, activating interactive buttons, popups, video and web links etc. Below in the photos you can see a “How to” of all the effects built into the App. Its not your boring flip through a magazine. The 3D tour through Tokyo article is amazing. The toys added to articles are amazing: Action Button, Numbered Buttons, Hot Spots, The Spine, The Forum, Plus Panels, etc. Its multimedia use like you’ve probably never seen before. I highly recommend you check out the App Magazine its unlike any magazine I’ve seen so far and encompasses the future of magazines and the iPads new generation. Its gone taken the form of a Magazine and turned it into an adventure!