Snows BBQ #1 Rated Texas Mail Order BBQ

Snows BBQ sent me a killer sample of their #1 rated BBQ. They sent me a GIANT brisket, one of their famous jalapeño sausages and one of their normal sausages. Snows BBQ does a ton of mail order BBQ. The reside in Lexington, Texas, which is a small town but their awesome BBQ is heralded from all around. They know how to BBQ Texas style and they know how to ship it in an ice container so it gets to you cold fresh. They ship in sealed air tight bags so the flavor still bursts forth like its from right off the grill. The bags are also great for freezing so order ahead of time!

The brisket they sent me was HUGE thick piece of meat. I joked i could knock someone out with it. They dont skimp on size. I shared it with a few of my friends and they were blown away (I quickly hid the leftovers). The solid BBQ flavoring is incredible and the meat is moist and tender as if just off the grill. I can almost taste like I’m sitting right there with their grill taking it all in. The jalapeño Sausage was “WOOWEE!” tasty and spicy. Their original sausage links were awesome, real meat with none of that crap filling you get at the store. Snows BBQ big season is the holidays so be sure to order then, BUT go there now, eating Snows BBQ make you feel like every days a holiday.

Also, check out their Snows BBQ sauce. It’s incredible on meats. It’s Texas style vinager based and me loving BBQ so much, I could almost drink it. When you order from them get a few bottles, it’s the perfect compliment!

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