State of Social Media for Customer Service 2015 – Free 16-page White Paper @Incite_Social

Briefing snapshot

Just a quick heads up that Incite’s annual State of Social Customer Service Briefing has recently been released

Firstly, it’s FREE – which is always great. It’s also an invaluable resource for discovering this year’s top social care trends and priorities, according to your peers.

The 16-page briefing looks at:

 INTEGRATION: In the age of the empowered customer, fully integrating social within your customer care operations is vital, ensuring their experience is both personalized & seamless

 SCALING-UP: Develop the strategy, and business case, required to grow your social support team, & thus meet growing customer demands

 SPEED: Response time on social media is critical – hone your structure & processes for rapid, yet contextualized customer service.

 PERSONALITY: Empower your agents with the training and context-rich information so they can WOW your customers through your social support.

It also incorporates case studies from SPOTIFY and WHOLEFOODS, where they share their philosophy and day-to-day activities that make them best-in-class.

I wasn’t sure if you’d seen it, so if not, here it is: