Will Social Media Predict The Results of Elections? Infographic

Will Social Media predict the results of elections? Answer: Yes, its already doing it. According to, in Senate races, the candidate with more Facebook friends than his or her opponent has won 81% of the time. As you look down the infographic you’ll see there is a correlation between the social media discussions between how the candidates came out in the elections. Social Media is a public extension of the private discussions we all have around the kitchen table or bar with our family and friends. Its us voicing our opinions on our political interests and how we will likely vote.

Look at the comparisons between 2008 and 2012 and see how fast the consensus is growing. More and more as Social Media is adopted by the masses, the more it will become an accurate indicator as to who will win elections. Now I cant wait until I can cast my vote through Facebook, Twitter or an App and gone are the silly days of having to drive to somewhere to vote. Imagine that.