Ads API Will Increase Twitter Ad Revenue To Near $1 billion

One of the most important tech developments for 2013 will happen in the area of interest-based advertising, and its adaptation to mobile applications. taking such ads to the mobile Web and mobile apps is a priority for many brands.Studies show that interest-based ads in the United States and elsewhere generate more than twice the revenue of non-targeted “run of network” advertising. Behaviorally-targeted ads – primarily on the desktop – are more than twice as effective at converting users who click on such ads.

Advertising on mobile devices is also where Twitter sees his most incremental growth- recently valued at about $9 billion. The fastest growing social plateform has been focusing on developing revenue streams to make money from its service. Since Twitter launched Promoted Tweets in April 2010, marketers have come to the microblogging site to reach new audiences and engage with more than 200 million active users on the web, on mobile devices, and on tablets.The launch of the Ads API has contribute to incremental growth for Twitter this year.
The upward revision comes as advertisers have shown more interest in spending money on mobile advertisements on Twitter.

eMarketer estimates Twitter will earn $308.9 million in mobile ad revenue in 2013—which is more than the company earned in total, from any ad type, in 2012, when it made $138.4 million from mobile ads. The bulk of Twitter’s ad revenue is expected to continue to come from the US—about 83% this year, down from 90% in 2012. Twitter ad revenue is estimated to near $1 billion in 2014. By 2015, Twitter’s continued expansion of foreign sales operations is expected to help non-US ad revenue reach $319 million, up from just under $100 million this year.Twitter is expected to pull in $1.33 billion in worldwide ad revenue, more than 60% of which will come from mobile advertising.
twitter ads api by fa ndiaye

With the Ads API, marketers now have more tools in their arsenal to help them deliver the right message, to the right audience, on the desktop and on mobile devices — all at [email protected]”We believe our system is working well because users like the ads experience on Twitter. Our system rewards marketers for being good, not for being loud. And this approach encourages ads that are engaging, relevant and useful,” said Twitter Product Manager April Underwood.