Android OS + Facebook + HTC = New Facebook Phone


That’s right Facebook is about to be more than just another App on your Smart Phone. For a couple years now there has been talk of a Facebook phone. But nothing has come of the talk until NOW!

Facebook is currently working with HTC (creators of the first 4G Device the Thunderbolt) on the project, which is reported to feature a Facebook/Social Media heavy modified version of the Android OS. With a look similar to that of the iPhone 5 at least on the outside. The new phone is taking things in a somewhat different direction in the marketing plans. The respective companies are focusing more on the individual buying the phone rather than what’s inside the case. For those that “live” on Facebook like my 17 year old twins this will be a must have item.

Specification rumors about what’s going to be inside the case and what the camera(s) will be like is wide and varied. What is known so far is that the operating system itself will be very Facebook Heavy. Again, a must have for those that Facebook life instead of Face it!

As of now it is unknown which cellular carrier(s) will be carrying the device, but it is almost certain that talks are already in process with the major cellular carriers. Just like the iPhone changed the direction of Smart Phones, the Facebook phone could truly change the way we look at and use Social Media in a way none of us have ever dreamed. Facebook changed the way we interact with each other, the Facebook phone could change more than that?

Look for a possible release date of mid 2013.

As always this is the Truck-Writer and I am 10-10 on the side.