Con-way Truckload Driver’s get a Hi-Tech Wingman


Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has partnered with several trucking companies and truck manufacturers including Con-way Truckload and Kenworth, to take safety on today’s roads to the next level by introducing the Wingman Collision Mitigation System into today’s fleet of hi-tech big rigs.

Research has shown that 2-3 rear end accidents involving a commercial vehicle occur every hour of every day on America’s roads. Wingman is a giant leap towards lowering that figure if not altogether eliminating it. Simply put Wingman is an early warning system that is mounted on the front of a big truck.

A glass ball with a laser sensor is mounted into the front bumper which provides an audible warning when an object or vehicle breaks the beam within a certain space and time. For example when traveling down the road the comfort zone is 3.6 seconds if a car that is in front of a truck equipped with Wingman slows down to below that following distance an audible warning alerts the driver inside the cab a visual warning also flashes on the dash. If the space cushion decreases even more say to below 2.0 seconds for example then Wingman can override the cruise control (if it is engaged) and apply slight pressure to the brake and if the following distance gets even shorter for example less than 1.0 seconds Wingman can apply hard pressure (up to 50 PSI) to the brake completely overriding the cruise control effectively bringing the truck to a safe stop. In cases where a vehicle cuts off the vehicle equipped with Wingman the above warnings and actions occur in rapid succession. Please note all times are approximations.

Wingman is not on only effective with moving traffic it also gives advance warning of stationary objects again with both audible and visual warnings inside the cab.
I personally have been driving a 2013 Kenworth T-680 equipped with the Wingman Collision Mitigation System since December of 2012. And although I did my very best to maintain a high level of alertness and safety while driving. The Wingman system has greatly improved my safety awareness. In my opinion as a 13 year long haul trucking veteran the Bendix Wingman Collision Mitigation System is a giant move forward in lowering the number of traffic accidents and fatalities that occur on a daily basis on America’s roadways.