GARMIN 760 MLT GPS Miles Ahead Of The Rest


Since the introduction of Trucker specific GPS or SatNav units into the industry several models have hit the market. Many offer very similar features some very cool and some well not so cool. And then I got my hands on the GARMIN 760MLT!

This model GPS is a truckers dream it combines many of those shared features with some new ones that make this the BEST truckers GPS I have ever used.

The GARMIN 760MLT has free Lifetime map updates as well as many other features that makes it miles ahead of the competition. It offers real time traffic updates as well as subscription realtime weather info. It also has BlueTooth technology and a smart phone link. It also offers profiles for Truck or Car that are totally customizable.

As far as accuracy the GARMIN is hands down the most accurate address to address unit I have ever used. It gives you the option to customize your routes as well as detour. However there are three things that really separate the GARMIN 760 MLT from ALL the rest.

While it’s true that it has the normal warnings for Tolls, Speed limits, Construction etc…it also offers sharp curve, steep hill and many other onscreen alerts however it is the split screen feature that I really love. When approaching an exit or road change the screen will split and show you a screen shot of what the exit you need will look like. This feature is extremely valuable as a driver.

It also has a “bread crumb” feature. In reality it is a blue spider line that is present on your route. It allows you to back track with ease. Now admittedly the user interface takes a little time to get used to, this opens the door for the final feature that truly sets the GARMIN apart.

You don’t have to anything by hand once you get the unit profile set up. Why, you may ask? It has VOICE COMMAND. You can search addresses, truck stops, places of interest basically anything that would require typing you can simply say “VOICE COMMAND” and the menu screen will bring up a list of options. Such as FIND ADDRESS, FIND CITY or FIND INTERSECTION etc…this feature is incredibly valuable while driving! And makes the GARMIN 760MLT very user friendly.

It’s simple the GARMIN 760 MLT is the best investment of your hard earned money you can make as a driver looking for a GPS Unit.