Google Plus New Security Update


Ranked among the 25 most trusted companies for protecting their customers’ privacy and personal information,Google officially entered the social Sign-In space with the launch of Google+ Sign-In.

Google+ Sign-In for your app

« It’s simple, it’s secure, and it prohibits social spam. And we’re just getting started, » said Google Plus Product Director Seth Sternberg.

With Google Plus Sign-In and Circles, users decide who to share with their information. In addition, Google Plus doesn’t let apps spray « frictionless » updates all over the stream, so app activity will only appear when it’s relevant. « When you share from an app that uses Google Plus Sign-In, your friends will see a new kind of “interactive” post in their Google Plus stream. Clicking will take them inside the app, where they can buy, listen to, or review (for instance) exactly what you shared. » precised Seth Sternberg

The new feature allows users to install Google Plus, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services’ mobile apps with one click, where applicable, and Google users can manage their setting by clicking on

Benefits of Google+ sign in

1. Security and Trust
Secure authentification

Google+ Sign-In comes with the protections and safeguards users have come to expect from their Google account (like 2-step verification), so they can always sign in with confidence. The Google authentication window creates a trusted link between consumers, their users and their Google account. While helping users keep their accounts more safe, Google+ Sign-In increases conversions by reducing the burden and friction of login—particularly for mobile users.

On security, Sternberg said of the Google+ sign-in option for third-party apps: «If you sign in to Gmail, YouTube or any other Google service, you can now use your existing credentials to sign in to apps outside of Google. Just review the Google+ permissions screen (outlining the data you’re sharing with the app, and the people who can see your activity), and you’re all set. » With minimal effort, people can add a trusted registration system that’s familiar to users and consistent across devices. Google+ Sign-In also lets users skip high drop-off registration forms and avoid having to remember yet another username and password. This makes registration faster, more secure, and reduces support costs for forgotten usernames and passwords.

2. Insight services
Engagement Analytics
With a user’s permission, Google+ Sign-In lets you improve your service by giving you access to their basic information from their public profile and the list of people in their circles.

3. Desktop & Mobile Synchronization
The real power of Google+ Sign is the ability to sync the mobile and desktop experience together. One click app installs can occur directly on an Android device if a visitor uses Google+ Sign-In on the Web

4. More Choice & Better Sharing
The new feature allows users to sign in with Google, lets them select which identity they want to use in their app. By offering more choice, users are more likely to feel at ease with the decision to sign up for your service, improving conversions. Additionally, items shared from apps can also prompt users to interact
In addition, you can prompt users to sign in to Google not only at signup, but also when they return to your site, or any other time to take full advantage of your site’s social features. And, your users can connect their existing account on your service to Google even if they are already linked through another social service sign in-consent-web image. A sample app, PhotoHunt, has been created to showcase the overall Google+ Sign-In experience and full developer information can be found on the official Google+ page.

The biggest benefit of Google+ Sign in is to help make the overall experience seamless. With the vast variety of projects that Google maintains (Android to Chromebooks to Chrome to Google+) this one-and-done login can help bridge the gap between devices.

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