Iron Man Movie Technology comes to Real Life


It’s been said that Reality reflects Hollywood. That has never been more true than today. The unsung hero of the blockbuster Iron Man movie series JARVIS is now a reality. You know the interactive 3-D computer Tony Stark is always talking to inside his Iron Man suit. Or when he’s designing something and just kind of pulls something out of thin air and throws it away etc… Yeah that kind of reality.

The inventor of this technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Grad Student Jinha Lee doesn’t call his wondrous creation Jarvis however. He has named his Magnum Ops SpaceTop. The MIT Grad who is currently working in the Applied Science Division of Microsoft under an internship first garnered interest last year with ZeroN.

SpaceTop is literally a 3-D Desktop where an individual reaches into the “screen” to manipulate files, tabs, maps, models etc… although still in the early stages SpaceTop collected huge interest at the TED conference in Long Beach, California. Jinha Lee has brought together 3-D interface and 3-D gesture control in a way that will someday change the way we use computers. Just like Graphic User Interface (GUI) did for Apple and Microsoft and Touch Screens did with Tablets and Smart Phones.

Lee believe’s that SpaceTop is the future of computers. Although great for architects, doctors, engineers even mechanics that is not the limit to what can be accomplished with a technology such as Jinha Lee has developed.