Mark Zuckerberg Royal Facebook Home Invite To All Facebook Users


Is it April Fools Day?!

Please make yourself comfortable in facebook home!

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, last Thursday (April 4)! Met with curiosity and excitement, the announcement of Facebook Home is a significant step in the (deployment) of Facebook’s mobile strategy.

As the Home name suggests, Facebook will effectively become the home screen for mobile users who install the application or purchase a pre-configured Facebook Home phone from cell carriers, such as the HTC First on AT&T. The new Home app/UX (user interface)/quasi-OS (operating system) is deeply integrated into the Android environment.

But more than that smart visual renovation, Mark Zuckerberg revealed about the motivation behind this new release.

What would it feel like if our phones were designed around people, not apps? … We want to bring this experience of having a home, of always knowing what’s going on around you, right to your phone. And we want to deliver this experience to as many people as possible.

Facebook Home will likely be offered as a pre-installed operating system/application to other Android phone manufacturers, which will be closely watching adoption and sales of the Facebook HTC phone to determine whether to adopt Home.

facebook home
What’s hot with facebook home

• New chapter in Facebook’s evolution into a mobile-first company

• New ways to surface your content to help people discover your app and re-engage with existing users. These include:
– Cover feed: with Home, people can immediately access your app content from their News Feeds once they turn on their phones.
– Notifications: People will receive bigger, bolder notifications from you right on their phone home screen.

• New in-build Chat Heads and notifications features with optimized messaging: this feature provides a potential mechanism to allow location-based ads to appear in a relatively unobtrusive way.

• New software-driven strategy: with all it’s feature (device-independent software, monthly feature push, free cloud download), Home resembles a PaaS (platform as a service) personalization tool more than mobile app.

Facebook Home makes the mobile experience more engaging and personally relevant from the moment the user turns on the phone. Not only Home’s app launcher avoid device/platform lock-in , but it also makes it easier for people to get to their apps quickly. That’s basically the gist of Home.

If Facebook can use this innovation to deliver location-relevant and timely commercial messages to consumers, it will effectively give Facebook a license to print money!