The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Σ Book I: Thumos Rising: Thumos Rising By Demitrios Lopez

vΣ Book I: Thumos Rising: Thumos Rising By Demitrios Lopez

“They said he was handsome,

but with alien features,

purple, pupil-less eyes…”

With the world of Ninivon on the brink of annihilation, Zeno finds himself pitted against a vampiric overlord from beyond the stars. The tyrant, wraithlike purple glowing from his eyes, is obsessed with one thing: unraveling the mystery of the Σ a primordial and otherworldly power. A power that has chosen Zeno as it’s champion.

But Zeno will not accept the power, terrified of what the Σ will make of him. Until he discovers that Alexandra, his childhood best friend, is leading a rebellion against the Vampire and his monsters. Then Zeno becomes the demigod he was destined to be and joins the fray. But the lines blur between his duty to save Ninivon and his desire to protect Alexandra, whose past is shadowed in secrecy.

Where dragons soar alongside futuristic spacecraft and magic intertwines with advanced technology, Thumos Rising chronicles Zeno’s quest to unlock the mystery of the only thing those with purple eyes fear: The Σ.