The Yardian​ Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Yardian is the only smart water controller to qualify for a full complement of industry certifications

Less Water, More Green​
Save significant water and money with the Yardian while maintaining a green and beautiful garden.

Total Control
Use the Yardian app for better control over your garden. Set automatic smart programs or dig into the options to customize your own.

Tailored For Your Needs
Stay on top of local regulations with Yardian’s water restrictions database, which will automatically alter your watering schedule to stay compliant.

Peace of Mind
In addition to smart irrigation, Yardian provides round-the-clock surveillance of your yard, garden, or garage – all accessible from your smartphone.

Animal Repellent
Keep unwanted animals off your lawn with Yardian’s Repellent feature. Simply set the desired zone and duration, and your sprinklers will automatically activate when they detect motion.

Ready For The Long Haul​
The Yardian comes out of the box future-proofed. Integrate Amazon’s Alexa or IFTTT for flexibility and customization, and look forward to free feature, configuration, and security updates to add even more to your Yardian.