Tweet this America!


It’s bad enough that we have to witness Terrorist atrocities on the evening news, now Terrorists have come to our social media accounts.

In 2011 a Twitter account @HSMPress went live. The account was owned and operated by a militant Somali Islamist group with perported connections to Al-Qaeda. Recently the group went to far even by Hollywood standards by posting video footage of a Kenyan hostage pleading for his life. The group then reportedly took a French Intelligence Officer Hostage and subsequently murdered him after a  failed rescue attempt by the French Government in which the United States is reported to have assisted. @HSMPress is owned by Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen and the group is all about strict enforcement of the Sharia Laws in Somalia.

Research shows that the Twitter account had been on the radar of the U.S State Department for quite awhile and that they just never got around to shutting it down. It makes a person wonder what will be next? Wasn’t it bad enough when we had to read about these things in our morning paper or see them in the headlines of the evening news?

A person could suggest that this is a way for us to be more informed and up to date with whats really going on in the world. Since in most cases the media puts it’s own spin on things and Social Media posts are usually “real time”. Still yet when is enough, enough. As with most fanatics or zealots @HSMPress is blaming the Great Satan as they call the United States for shutting down the account. Keep in mind the account hasn’t been deleted only suspended until of all days Valentine’s Day this year?  Did I miss something here?

As in most cases where terrorism is involved. It’s never the actual ones creating the mayhem or the acts of atrocities fault. They tend to blame shift and make themselves out to be the victim. Is the “War on Terrorism” now going to be fought online instead of on a battlefield? With the withdraw of hundreds of thousands of troops from Live Fire Zones all over the Middle East is the war our soldiers have fought and died for now moving to a new battleground?

We’ve all read about or heard about the bullying in our schools going to Facebook and Twitter. When I was a kid bullys trapped you in the bathroom or slipped ugly notes about you into your locker. Now they post on Facebook and Twitter. Is there a new war on terror and is it being waged 140 characters at a time. What’s next? Oh yeah America you don’t like us well Tweet this!
Don’t misunderstand me I’m not knocking the war on terrorism or our soldiers that put their lives on the line on a daily basis. I’m simply asking what’s next where does it all end? I guess a war fought on Twitter is a lot safer than one fought on a real battlefield. At least I truly hope so for our countries sake!