Twitter Hack Attack


Remember when a password was simple 4-8 characters and/or numbers together that only you knew? Well thanks to technology those days are long gone. In the last week several major media outlets have been hacked including 250,000 Twitter accounts! Was yours one of them, and if not how can you keep yours from being the next account hacked?

Well that’s where a strong password comes in. Yeah I know a stronger password is a longer password more to remember. The one thing to keep in mind however is that the stronger your password the less likely your personal information is to be accessed by someone you’d rather not have it accessed by.

Don’t forget Twitter is a Social Media Platform so even though you may not have crucial information like credit card numbers and banking information stored within your profile. Your password to Twitter is a crack in your Identity armor. And all an Identity thief needs is that one small door to be opened!

To change your Twitter account password you must first sign into your Twitter account. Once your Twitter Home page comes up at the top of the screen on the right side you will see a little icon that looks like a spoke. Click on it then go down to settings. Once you’ve clicked on settings it will bring up another page with options. One of those options is Password. Once you click on password it will bring up a page that asks you for your current password and then to enter a new password and then verify the new one after that you simply save your changes. And viola you’ve changed your password. It’s really pretty simple.

So how do you change your Twitter password and make it strong enough to withstand being hacked. Well the truth is there are no guarantees however you can increase the odds of keeping your information safe by having a strong password. There are are few things to remember when changing your password however.

Never use sequential numbers or letters. Never use numbers or letters commonly known about you by others, for example your address, birthday, phone numbers or even worse social security number. Most passwords now are 6-20 characters with numbers and letters. Most are case or CAPS sensitive. Your best bet is to have a series of numbers and letters that only you know that is somewhere close to 20 characters. Yeah, Yeah I know that’s just more for you to remember. Well if you have to write it down which is not advisable. Write it on something or somewhere that only you know about.

Like I said earlier the strength of your password can be directly connected with it’s length. Many sites have a password strength indicator that will let you know how strong your password is. If you’ve ever encountered one of these sites you know how it works. It has a meter or gauge beneath your possible password showing it’s strength it may say weak, strong very strong etc…the more intricate your password the better chance you have of it not being discovered by accident or on purpose by someone else. Is this a perfect process well no of course not.

Hackers are always trying to stay one step ahead of each other and of you. It is however a necessary and solid precaution. And please don’t say well I’m just the guy or gal next door I’m not famous or anybody special. Oh contrary to a hacker everybody is somebody they want to get to know or in the case of identity thieves somebody they want to take to the cleaners. It’s your password Change it!