Twitter: The Fastest Growing Social Platform


“just setting up my twttr” 1st tweet sent by co-founder Jack Dorsey @jack on March 21, 2006

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has become one of the top ten most visited websites in the world, offering a public forum where news, ideas, and information are constantly being exchanged in 140-characters or less.

Twitter is now the fastest growing social platform with ” over 200 million” active users who send more than 400 million tweets per day, the micro-blogging service said Thursday in celebrating its seventh birthday. At its sixth anniversary last year, the company had touted more than 140 million active users and 340 million tweets a day.

Twitter’ goal is to provide a service that allows users to discover and receive content from sources that interest them as well as to share their content with other. Dorsey served as Twitter’s CEO until 2008 when he became the company’s chairman, and Evan Williams took over the role. In 2010, Dick Costolo, who had previously served as COO, became the new CEO after Williams stepped down. Costolo continues to the lead the company today.

“it’s thanks to all of you that our open, real-time platform is thriving. The steep trajectory of Twitter’s momentum is something @jack, @ev and @biz only dreamed about back in 2006.(…)And again, thank you for making Twitter everything it is today.” The company said in its blog post.

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