Twitter’s NEW iOS App Is Simply De VINE


Pro Rodeo Bull Riders live a lifetime in 8 seconds. Thanks to the new VINE App for iOS those that have an iPhone can now share their lives and worlds 6 seconds at a time. The new App debuted today for iOS to great expectations and hype. Owned by Twitter who acquired it late last year VINE looks as if it is it’s own platform, but it is not. VINE allows the everyday person to smoothly share the world they live in, in 6 second video clips.

With Social Media having become such a major part of our everyday lives nowadays it only stands to reason that VINE will be a big hit. VINE is a small window to a much bigger screen. People are quirky and because of that VINE is perfect for the person that wants to share a moment albeit a short or small one with the world they are connected to via Social Media.

The difference between VINE and a few other video apps is that with VINE you can film montage clips by simply lifting your finger off the screen to start and stop. Whereas with others you have to stop then restart the camera. This makes it very simple for just about anyone to master using video on both Facebook and Twitter. VINE has taken alot of the drudgery out of shooting video. Vine allows clips to play back directly inside tweets. Currently VINE is only available for iOS but there is talk of it being available on other platforms in the future.

There are a few small drawbacks to the app however. You cannot rotate the camera nor does it allow for video editing. However the playback is automatic once tweeted. Aside from those small things VINE is smooth and easy to use a must for today’s busy Social Media moguls or the everyday person that wants to share a piece of their life with the world 6 seconds at a time.