Are you as Frustrated as I am About LinkedIn?

I joined LinkedIn a few years back after a friend of mine told me about it. Since then I’ve started various groups, updated my profile and connected with people here and there sporadically.  But I’ve never generated any serious business from LinkedIn? How about You?

I always thought LinkedIn was just a networking tool to keep in touch with business contacts, associates, past colleagues etc.

But all of this changed, when I connected with an entrepreneur by the name of: Alex Pirouz, (founder of Linkfluencer).

In one of our conversations he broke down for me a 3-step process he has successfully used in a few of his businesses over the past couple of years to:

– Build a network of 310 contacts in the media and get featured in over 60 media publications without sending out a single press release

– Secure joint venture partnerships helping him grow one of his businesses by over 328% with very little spent on advertising or marketing 

– Generate millions of dollars in revenue for himself and his clients across 14 industries in little over 2 years

And much more ………….

To share his knowledge with other business owners, so they too can start using LinkedIn more effectively, Alex is holding a FREE upcoming webinar where he will be breaking down this process step by step.

To claim your spot for the Webinar simply click on the link below:

I only have a limited number of spots available for this event. So it’s a SURE BET the spots will be snapped up quickly.

Would love to know what you got out of the session, so drop me a line after the webinar.

Speak soon, 

Chris Voss

P.S By the way Linkfluencer was recently recognized by Huffington Post & Inc Magazine as the: “The World’s Leading Online Community For LinkedIn Training”

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