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We’d like to share the CMO Spend 2014, Gartner Report with you.

High performance demands a digital engine.

As digital channels increasingly demonstrate ROI, digital marketers are gaining deeper pockets and a greater voice in the business.

Gartner surveyed 285 top marketing leaders about their digital marketing strategies, activities and spend. We found that digital marketing is quickly becoming a budget priority.

Download the report here:

What digital marketers are telling us:
1. The focus on customer experience is pushing Marketing in new directions.
2. Digital marketing budgets are expected to rise by 10% this year.
3. Digital channel investments are driving measurable returns.

Where should you be allocating your spending?

The Gartner report, “Digital Marketing Budgets Increase, Reflecting Focus on Customer Experience,” provides key findings from primary research on current digital marketing budget trends. Use it to:

• Compare your marketing spend with that of other leading organizations.
• Identify places to redistribute resources.
• Justify incremental funding from sources outside Marketing to build your digital budget.

Download the report to discover how top organizations are increasing investments in digital activities to draw customers and drive returns — and how Marketing is gaining influence as a result.

Download the report here:


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