Results Of My Survey If You Could Only Pick One Social Network, Which Would It Be?

So I posted on 3 of my social networks the question that if you could only chose ONE social network to have and to hold and give up the rest which would you chose? I posted it twice. The first time G+ took 61% of the vote. The 2nd time I asked I added, “what if all your Facebook family and friends where on G+. The 2nd results were 85%, bringing the average up.

All in all the feedback was overwhelmingly Google+ which when you think about it is pretty amazing since its still in beta and not everyones friends are on it. On the first question, one thing most Facebookers cited was they said FB because their family and friends where on it. This may of course change as more people get on G+. Even more interesting where the numbers of responses. See below:

Posted on G+: G+ 46 Facebook 7 Linkedin 4 Twitter BIG ZERO
Posted on FB: G+ 8 Facebook 14 Linkedin 1 Twitter 4
Posted on Twitter: G+ 1 No responses for any others. Google really showing strength here as better feedback engagement than Twitter.

Total G+ 55 FB 21 Linkedin 5 and Twitter 4

Pretty surprising given how new G+ is, it took 65% of the vote in the end. Notice how Linkedin beat out Twitter. I think there would have been less Facebook if I’d asked on first question, the assumption that peoples friends and family would be on G+ eventually.

If all your family and friends will eventually be on G+ too which one would YOU chose – tell me in the comments below.