Chime.In Social Media Network Review

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Chime.In the newest Social Media Network has launched. Its a pretty interesting competitor to the others that are out there. Sections you have are: My Chimes, My Interests, My Communities and Popular. You can have a normal stream of “Chimes,” which are like Tweets. The communities feature is nice, where like LinkedIn and Facebook you can great Groups. I started a Social Media News Community.

You can load up to 4 photos per Chime and oddly Chimes have a Subject Line if you want to use it. You can all tag your Chimes to Topics. What is cool is you can Save chimes you want and they are saved for you for later review. I do like this feature.

All and all its pretty busy and takes a bit to get used to. You can also do polls in Chimes if you like. We’ll see how it goes. Chime.In is owned by UberMedia who really wants to give Twitter a run for their money. This should be interesting.