The Secret of Life is Just One Thing…What Is The Secret to You? How does it make Sense to You? Carpe Diem

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man…” – Shakespeare

I’ve always lived by that line. I’ve always been the key designer in my life. I didnt accept the prepackaged life expected of me. I’ve designed my own path…my life hasn’t been an accident. As a serial entrepreneur I’ve written my own paycheck and worked for myself most of my years. Its never perfect, as life is. I’ve risen from failures and redesigned my life again and again. Adapting, growing, changing, innovating. I’ve taken the long road, but it is simpler, most get lost in the complexity of it all. I’ve been proud to say I’ve lived my own life from 20+ years ago. We each have a choice, left unto our own answers. Each of us is different, but to be defined. One Thing. What is it for you?

When I was 20, I DECIDED I’d never have a midlife crisis because I would LIVE my life the way I’d chosen, UNTIL I was middled aged. Remember that line from the Pink Floyd song, “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun,” that wasnt going to be me. I decided, that I would LIVE IT. I would have no regrets, no midlife crisis’. I told my business partner then, “We should kick butt in business now, because I dont think when we’re 40ish, we’ll have the energy to become entrepreneurs. In my case, boy was I right. Now in my 40’s, I dont have to have an awakening midlife question. To be honest I’m a little worn for the wear. If you shoot me now, I’ve enjoyed the ride better than many people.

I’ve always been a Cowboy, always on to new adventures and projects. Long nights and hard driving. I’ve owned Multiple Corporations, Bikini Teams and Modeling Agencies. I’ve gone through Models and fast BMW’s. I known thousands of people, had huge parties of up to 400 people at my home on occasions. I have a ton of fun and interesting stories that dont happen to most people for the whole of their lives. No one can take those memories, photographs and lifestyle from me. Its my own lifes path for over 20 years. It is from solid choices I made decades ago to not get to 40 and have regrets because I had been asleep at the wheel of life, hoping for a “someday.”

Hows your Life Path? Carpe Diem…Never Surrender! I hope you find what you needed, even if it wasnt what you THOUGHT you where looking for…that or I hope you find that which you need and maybe not always what your looking for, to surrender. Take the time now to design your life for a lifetime. Its never too late but grab it NOW. Find that One True Thing in Your Life and Hang on…Blessed Be. It’s all about that One Thing….Play the Video Below Already…

One Thing