Why You HAVE To Be Posting On Google+ And Why Leaving Facebook ISN’T Smart

Since being on Google+ the first or 2nd day it launched I’ve had people ask me why they should bother with it. I’m still amazed anyone who has an internet property that seeks SEO for them has to even ask. Its Google duh. Anyone should be able to see that if Google+ proved a mild success it would be huge for ranking on Google search. Also, with all the products they have, the integration would be massive on an exposure scale.

Gigaom’s Mathew Ingram published a post: “It’s official: Google+ will be connected to everything” He quotes a Google employee as saying: “Google+ is Google itself. We’re extending it across all that we do — search, ads, Chrome, Android, Maps, YouTube — so that each of those services contributes to our understanding of who you are.” At 50 million users in 4 months, Google+ is a hit.

I know people complain about all the networks they have to keep up on. In my mind Google+ IS the most important one. You HAVE to be on it posting. Heres something that can help you. I actually use the Chrome browser extension Publish Sync to post on G+ and it will auto post to my Facebook, Twitter and Fan Pages if I chose. I post to Google+ and I’m done.

Facebook is still an 800 lb. gorilla not to be counted out as many have and insisted on leaving Facebook. Personally, I think this is foolish. Their new changes are huge in cementing their follower base. The other element is with the Subscribers, Facebook is forced to open more to the web. You can now publish to the Public. Once again SEO power here. The Subscriber feature on Facebook has enabled users to add tens of thousands of Facebook followers to their feeds. Why would you quit a service that is approaching 1 billion users for one that has 50 million? That make no marketing sense to me.

I hear many people who think in a “either/or” world who dont seem to understand business or marketing very well. They whine a lot about having to mind more than one thing. If you’re promoting something having to deal with multiple forums is just a part of doing business. Owning companies all my life we had to advertise our business’ in MANY forums at once. Its hard but necessary. We had to be on the internet, newspaper, mail, radio, TV, coupons, sweepstakes, etc. Advertising success usually didnt come from just one thing. As a business owner its tough to understand, master and advertise on these different forums and their various ways of usage. Now that advertising is moving to the internet in mass, you have to think of these different Social Media Networks the same way. You have to master each of them and be on them.

The other reason for not quitting one for the other is some consumers will just stick with one base. Thats WHY you have to spread yourself out and GOTO your consumer. In addition, the Tech business has fast failures, you may never know who will or wont be here tomorrow. Invest in them all. I’ve seen clients come from the darkest and oddest offbeat places my advertising has fallen. You never know. Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola dont just invest in one advertising medium to be successful, neither should you.