The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Million Dollar Influence: How to Drive Powerful Decisions through Language, Leverage, and Leadership by Alan Weiss, Gene Moran

Million Dollar Influence: How to Drive Powerful Decisions through Language, Leverage, and Leadership by Alan Weiss, Gene Moran

Even senior people, business owners, and board members are unaware of the nuances of influence on a daily basis. They think in a straight line and try to “strike deals,” use hierarchical power, make “trade-offs,” or bargain as if at a flea market.

They unwittingly sacrifice vital needs to gain minor and temporary bright, shiny things. Influence is not about fast-talking, it’s about fast-thinking and carefully constructed language that one applies within a specific context. Influence is thought to be programmable—that is, it can create scarcity or consistency of positive responses. In reality, it’s about accountability, innovation, and leverage.

No pre-pandemic strategy is worth a cent in a post-pandemic world. There is no “new normal” or “return to normal.” There are only new realities. In this book, one of the boldest, most aggressive, most successful consultants in the world makes his predictions and provides recommendations that may frighten and stun, but ultimately can lead to market domination.

Million-dollar influencers understand that influence doesn’t mean kissing up to everyone. While we may all be equal as human beings, not everyone has a stake in the outcomes in the business of influence. Some will resist change for the sake of resisting change. They lack imagination or let fear hold them in place. Recognizing actual stakeholders will guide your positioning of stakes in the ground that will mark critical positions leading to your desired outcome.

How consensus building is something to live with, not something to die for
The fundamental difference between accountability and authority
The need for innovation and even improvisation in wielding influence
The scientific and magical contrasts of language
How to effectively maneuver within political environments
How to rally the right stakeholders at the right time
The powerful role of consequence

About the Author
Gene Moran, founder and President of Capitol Integration, is the foremost expert on federal defense and security lobbying. He guides and advises defense companies of all sizes to dramatically improve federal sales through funding and policy change in Washington DC. Thanks to his strategic advisement and proven methodology for success, Gene’s clients enjoy extraordinary returns on investment. With 10+ years operating as a highly successful independent consultant, lobbyist and advisor, Gene’s results for his clients are measured in billions of dollars.

The extent of his impact has seen Gene’s policy initiatives implemented by Congress (in law), The President (in Executive Order), and the Executive branch (in agency policy and contracts).