1300 marketers share 2017 priorities- Brand New Whitepaper @Incite_Social

Incite Group has just published a major new research-led whitepaper on marketing, based on the feedback of over 1,300 marketing executives.

The brand-new whitepaper will give you in-depth insight on the key issues and opportunities your peers see in 2017, and new statistics to benchmark your own performance against- Download your complimentary copy here https://goo.gl/eE8AWh

The 20+ page briefing covers:

1. The biggest issues for in-house marketers in 2017 and beyond: Why 52% say personalization is an essential focus right now – and how immersive experiences falls shortly behind
2. Priorities for 2017: How marketing executives are spending their budget in 2017, and where they plan on spending more
3. Why AI, VR and IoT did not make the top 5 priorities for 2017: Why in-house marketers have not yet started to prioritize new technologies and uncover what makes the top 5
4. What Marketing Attribution should mean for your company: What makes 32% of leadership ‘absolutely’ convinced of its effectiveness

Access your exclusive whitepaper copy here https://goo.gl/eE8AWh


Hayley Dunn
Head of Strategy | Incite Group