iGoogle Extensions for Google Wave

**Best viewed in Full Screen Mode – Click Bottom Right**

iGoogle Extensions you can you use in Google Wave

Status tags take the following format:

Working = works correctly in Wave

Limited = partially working or works with limitations inside Wave

Non-Working = does not work inside Wave

Fun & Games

Working Fish: – adds swimming animated fish

Working Turtle: — adds animated turtle

Working Verse of the Day: – provides daily bible verse and links to bible study and other versions

Working Daily Horoscope:

Limited Eyes: — adds Google eyes in, but they don’t follow your cursor

Working Yo Momma Joke of the Day:

Working Trio: – a simple, fun and extremely addictive game! Create a sequence of three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear. Remove as many Trios as you can to improve your score. Trios can be formed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Use your arrows to arrange the color sequence and the location of the Trio.

Working Aquarium: – Animated Aquarium Gadget with Moving Fishes and Plants.

Working Hulu Player Widget: — find and play video from Hulu directly inside widget/blip (For US Only)

Non-Working Scrabble: — Returns message “This gadget cannot access the information it needs so that you can share or collaborate with friends. Please adjust the gadget’s settings to enable access.

Working Frogger: — Play classic Frogger game

Working GoComics from Universal Uclick: — View comic strips.


Non-Working Google Talk: – official Google Talk gadget returns a 404 Not Found error

! Limited Google Talk: – adds gadget, pops Google Talk into external window, though – so not really “in” the wave.

Working Google Talk/Orkut Chat: – Chat with all your Google Talk friends across all opensocial networks – this one actually works inside the blip on your wave

Non-Working Gmail: — error returned: “this is a built-in module, so the UserPrefs and Content are ignored.”

Limited Gmail: — this one just shows Loading… for me constantly, would love to hear reports if others have gotten this to work.

Working Gmail: — puts your gmail inside a wave

Non-Working from Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, France…

Working Gmail using iFrame:,!w%252B-yEkrKoCG.5

Limited Official Wikipedia Gadget: – adds gadget and form appears functional, but clicking on “Go” button takes me to a non-existent link

Working ToDo: — add To-Do list

Working AllEmail (multi):

Access GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook, Flickr & a plethera of other services

Non-Working Blogger Post Gadget

The gadget loads but Submit button is grayed out.

Limited Google voice Gadget

This gadget works but, part of it is cut off.


Limited All For Good: — find volunteer opportunities in your area, share them with your friends. Seems to work, but width of the gadget when it’s embedded makes it difficult/impossible to really use. Ex. “Set location” pops up entry field, but it is too far right and cut off in the gadget.

! Working TwitterGadget: — adds complete Twitter client inside wave

Limited Facebook for iGoogle: — goes through all Facebook Connect settings OK, but then reports “Unable to get your Facebook feed, trying again in a minute.”

Limited Facebook with Full Screen: — adds gadget, but then shows “link appears to be broken” message inside gadget

Limited Facebook: — this one seems to work, but the width of the frame where Facebook is placed makes its usability somewhat limited

! Working Facebook:


Non-Working Google Calendar: — official Google Calendar gadget – for me, at least, it only adds a blank frame to the blip (in Chrome) – would love to hear if someone else gets this to work.

! Working Easy cool calendar: – Calendar app, have to provide Google credentials to link it to Google Calendar

Working To Do List: – Create multiple to do lists in one location and share them with your friends.

! Working Evernote:

– Store notes online, works just like the Evernote mobile web site

Working Countdown timer: – Create a (or many) countdown(s) to a specific date(s) and time(s). There were many of this style that “worked”, yet this one worked the best/with the least hassle.

Working gWoWDatabase: — Search warcraft database sites.

Non-Working Google Reader: – Aggregate your RSS feed subscriptions.

Working Snow Report: – See Snow Reports and maps for ski resorts.

Working Sticky Notes: – I don’t see at all how this can enhance Google Wave, but I can tell it works.

Working Programme TV: – Display French TV programs.

Working National Geographic Photo of the Day: – Displays National Geographic’s picture of the Day

Working Prix du carburant: – French gaz prices comparison tool

Limited World Clocks: – Displays world clocks. Cannot be configured properly in Wave it seems.