2017 Top Holiday Gifts Recommended List

We saw some remarkable products in 2017. Heres our list of recommended products and companies that stuck out for great gifts you can be sure people will love. Not only are these GREAT products, they’re the ones I myself USE and ENJOY every day.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy 8, 8+ and Note8
For my money the best phones on the market with all the latest innovations and the best phone for your dollar.

JBL & Harman Kardon
All the JBL & HK products we reviewed this year were awesome! You cant go wrong with their consistent quality and great sound for the prices. The HK Cortana integration speaker. The new Google Home integrated speakers with Chromecast. Awesome headphones. Over and over great products for any gift in a price catagory everyone can afford.

GoPro Hero6
The camera’s we use on The Chris Voss Show in recent years are GoPro Heros. For events, travel, house, we love em.

Saddleback leather
This year we reviewed their Large Waxed Canvas Gear Bag & , but seriously ANY product they make is top notch and giftworthy!

The Play5 is the best Wireless speaker in its PRICE category. Best sound quality at its price point.

Awesome Bluetooth and Wireless Home Speakers. Love their Soundbar’s stunning look and great sound. The Bluetooth prospect, look and sound make this a great product at a price point of higher expense but worth it.

Bowers & Wilkins P7
Best Consumer Bluetooth Headphones with the greatest sound quality. Love em.

Incredible water filtration for your home or office as well as water from air generation units. Helped me lose 70 lbs and switch from living on Pop to healthy great tasting Water.