23 Pages of Insight From Your Peers On Social Uptake and Integration Across Atlantic @UsefulSocial #CSMEU


Our friends at Useful Social Media have put together a new whitepaper, and I thought it would be a useful resource.

It delves in and compares the level of social media integration for big brands on both sides of the Atlantic. It features insights, answers and conclusions drawn from over 300 surveyed USM community members.

Download a complimentary copy at:

What do you get if you download a copy?

23 pages of Charts, Benchmarks and Analysis that will help you do your job better in the coming year

Conclusions drawn from over 300 surveyed respondents – comparing social media uptake between Europe to that of their North American counterparts

Analysis on how big data, social media and customer-centricity is impacting your business

This is a core document to prepare you for 2014. And it’s based exclusively on the feedback and insight from your corporate peers.

Download your copy here:


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