Amazing New Twitter App – Twylah – Take Twitter to Next Level!

Here’s elements of the value proposition of Twylah for its users:
Get your tweets ranked on the search engines: Twylah will create a personally branded site composed of highly topical and contextual SEO-optimized pages around your tweets. The site carries your personal brand and is composed entirely of your tweets, making you findable outside of Twitter apps and clients
Blog your tweets: your tweets are organized into a topically organized mini-blog that your audience can interact with. If you choose, you can start mixing longer (>140 char) and shorter postings to create a hybrid mini-blog. Each of your tweets carries a Reply/Comment section, so all replies to your posts are viewable inline with your tweets and posts.
Help you overcome writer’s (Twitterer’s) block: Twylah presents back to you your tweets assembled topically, alongside with what your friends are saying about the same topics – a great way to get inspiration for your next tweet or blog post
Get more visibility and perspective into any Twitter stream: Twylah automatically organizes any Twitter stream into topical sections, so you can more easily navigate what an individual or a set of individuals in a list are saying without having to look through all their tweets. Clear through the clutter faster and lessen the noise levels.
Find your tribe: Twylah will help you discover the people you should be connected with, based on affinity for similar topics