Airdog X3 Air Purifier Review

– $0 Running Cost Air Purifier. X3’s Graphene washable filter is made of materials that retain 99% effectiveness after thousands of uses. Durably washable, superconductive and chemical proof.
– World’s Smallest Particle Air Purifier – Graphene TPA®️ creates an electric field that charged all micro-bacterias down to 0.0146µm(6x smaller than other air purifiers) then the bio-wastes are collected by the next purification layer, no more filter with bad odor.
– Eliminates:
99.9% Bacteria
99.9% PM2.5
99.0% Formaldehyde/VOCs
X3 Eliminate 99.99% influenza virus proven by labs due to its TPA®️ Technology, the revolutionary of the air purifiers,

Attract Particles like Magnet – The ionic field charges harmful particles that will stick to the collecting plates. (Including bacteria, PM.2.5, formaldehyde, bio-wastes, pollen, pet dander, and dust, etc.)

100% Graphene Washable – Reusable Filter -X3 filter material is washable by water, hand wash, or dishwasher safe means it demands no maintenance fees.

The Purify Solution Proven by TUV & SGS Labs – As an Air Purifier leader founded by experts in Silicon Valley, Airdog aims to create the absolute “$0” Running Cost air purifier with unrivaled performance, design, & technology, all at a family-affordable price. Literally, we became dust collectors and air experts, that’s how Airdog X3 came alive