AT&T Developer Summit and U-verse CES 2014 #ATTCES2014 @ATT


So I got a chance to goto the exclusive AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas with week. It was awesome as they filled a concert hall at the Palms and talked about the future of what AT&T is bringing to the market and how it sees that future.

The CEO of AT&T led the event and many discussions about the future. ONe thing that really stuck out at me is how AT&T is looking to engender working together with developers for products of the futrue. They talked about how they see the car as a future developement tool etc. Individual car models will have App Stores and more.

The overall message was they have open arms to embrace developers. Go get it AT&T.

AT&T U-verse

We got to visit the folks who run the U-verse team and they shared the exciting vision for U-verse as it competes with major providers.

What was really cool is the are also encouraging devlopers to come write apps for their U-verse system. They have huge potential at being able to accomodate apps that supports games, video calling etc. It really is an open market for developers to come to. We got to play some cool games and with the apps they have a true edge on other providers.

Be sure to check them out

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