b-grip UNO Advanced Ultra-Comfort Camera Holster Unboxing Review @thebgrip


Advanced multipurpose camera holster. Designed specifically for mirrorless, bridge and compact sized cameras.

From the inventors of the most versatile and innovative camera carrying system the new UNO!

N°1 in Versatility UNO keeps the camera comfortably and securely connected to your body when you are active, it fits any backpack, belt or bag.

The camera attached on the backpack – thanks to UNO – is extremely stable when moving. It‘s also very comfortable, since you avoid the neck strain typical of traditional camera strap use. Camera accessibility is very simple, intuitive and rapid. An ideal solution for outdoor photography, trekking, hiking, tourism and all kinds of photo adventures.

Thanks to the steel shaped bolt provided in the kit, UNO attaches onto a waist belt, A smart solution, comfortable with instant access. UNO can be also attached on every bag strap.
UNO can be placed also directly on the backpack belt.

UNO attaches onto the backpack through a “U” shaped bolt. Height and angle adjustments are simple and extremely safe.

The quick release plate that attaches on the camera is very sturdy, It’s equipped with an effective antivibration system, preventing the screw from loosening.

UNO is designed with an elongated attachment base that rests evenly on the shoulder strap. The shape keeps the camera steady, perfectly vertical without impacting the body when active, protecting both the camera and the wearer. The attaching solution through the steel “U” bolt fits every size of shoulder strap and its contact with the body is surprisingly imperceptible.

In photography, speed is important. Using UNO you can swap from carrying to shooting in just one second.

UNO has been successfully tested with loads of 100kg (220lbs)!

Tripod compatibility The UNO plate is compatible with all Arca sized tripod heads, in this way you will easily swap from UNO to tripod instantly