be quiet! Dark Rock 4, BK021, 200W TDP, CPU Cooler Unboxing

This is the be quiet! Dark Rock 4. It’s a 200W TDP CPU cooler. So you can use this to mount on top of your CPUs, keep them ultra-cool, etc, etc. One thing I should note here is we’ve been reviewing and using bequiet! products for I think about four, maybe four to five years now. In fact, we use some of their power supplies in our main computers, they’re ultra-quiet. They’re wonderful that we’ve had zero problems. Just put them in and away they go. And they’ve been rocking. I think the oldest one is about four or five years old now. And it still does great. So there you go. There’s a plug for the company and the products. It’s still running after four or five years. It’s a great maker of products. So let’s take a look at some of the different features that go into this baby.

It’s got the extreme cooling performance of 200W, TDP, and virtually inaudible operation. It’s perfect for overclocked systems and demanding work stations. It’s got virtual inaudible silent wings 135 millimeter PWM fan, it achieves only 2.14 Db(a) at a maximum fan speed. So super ultra-quiet. It’s got six high-performance copper heat pipes, that’s going to keep everything nice and cool. It’s got airflow optimized wave controlled cooling fins, it’s easily installable black installation kit can be mounted from above. It supports an additional 120-millimeter fan with clips included in the scope of delivery. It’s got brushed aluminum top cover with a diamond-cut finish. And it comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. And it’s got German product conception design in quality control.

These guys build beautiful products and like I say we’ve seen them last a whole lot of time and that makes all the difference. And it’s fairly easy to install, comes with all the accessories you need to take and mount it to your CPU. And whether using an Intel or an AMD processor, you can utilize it with kits for both those, you can also go on their website and see if it’s compatible with your chip setup and board. So you can take and do that the overall weight is point nine two kilograms. And it’s socket compatibility. You can see on the website on all the different ways that will fit and everything else.

I highly recommend it we’ve been really impressed with the bequiet! products. We’ll probably be using this in our next build. So stay tuned for a follow-up review on that and check it out at

Dark Rock 4 offers an extreme cooling performance of 200W TDP and virtually inaudible operation. Perfect for overclocked systems and demanding workstations.

Virtually inaudible Silent Wings 135mm PWM fan
Achieves only 21.4dB(A) at maximum fan speed
Six high-performance copper heat pipes
Airflow-optimized, wave-contoured cooling fins
Easily installable black installation kit can be mounted from above
Supports an additional 120mm fan; clips are included in the scope of delivery
Brushed aluminum top cover with a diamond-cut finish
3-year manufacturer’s warranty
German product conception, design and quality control