Beach Blog 3 The Grand Universe in Perspective

A friend of mine, chided me about my renewed love of going to the beach. I had missed it for 20 years and have finally moved back to Los Angeles recently. After all that lost time, its my goal to visit there at least once weekly. He joked with me, saying “I was still in ‘Tourist’ mode.”

I love going to the beach or looking up at the stars in some rural place where you can clearly see them. I’ve always been a dreamer and they help with my vision, the antennae of my soul, that extends its reach beyond me. There you can feel the current of energies that pass through everything in this world. Its a great place to reflect and find gratitude for living.

It puts your life in perspective, by making all of you’re issues insignificant, in the grand scheme of the universe’s size and greatness. Life springs forth from it and nothing can exist without it. You feel the endless grains of sand squeeze through your toes, while staring at the vastness of the ocean or starry sky. In the wonderment of its spectacle, you realize its life spans over the eons of time. Its always been there and likely always will be. You’re life issues dont amount to much comparatively, and in the end, my friend was actually right…we’re all just “Tourists” in life. Make the MOST of your Tour. – Chris Voss

Beachphoto.JPGSailing in Blue
*Photos are Copyright of Chris Voss