Best Gifts For Holidays 2016


I gotta make a list of the BEST, great products for xmas gifts.

Remember if you buy other competitors products I DONT list here you DONT REALLY LOVE the person you’re giving them to…..hehe

1. Master & Dynamic Headphones & Earphones – Super for music, calls and tens of hours straight, wearing for gamers. If you buy any other headphones for xmas just come out and tell the person you truly hate them because you just did. Then punch them in the face. Or just buy the Master and Dynamics. They will love you for eternity.

2. Anything in the Harman Kardon/JBL line. Still my home theatre stereo and speakers of choice.

3. Vanatoo Desktop Speakers. Still the complete awesome shit.

4. Any Drone by DJI. Dont bother with imposters or cheap crap. You will regret it. I guarantee it. (Unless you are a DIY builder of course).

5. Canon cameras and lenses.

6. PS4 and Destiny Game but if you really must XBox One.

7. Blue Mics. Their PR dept is assholes to me and my audience but I still like their mics.

8. Anything by IK Multimedia, mics, audio, etc. 100% of the time great products.

9. AT&T. Sorry they have a great product/service and I truly enjoy their network after extensive testing of all the others. Any phone they sell, get what you like.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with AT&T. It rocks for adults. For children the simpletons iPhone is okay.

11. Best Networking hubs Netgear. Get the latest craziest fast stuff. Good apps too over competitors.

12. Video ring doorbell. Must gift for xmas.

13. Arlo security cams. LOVE EM.

14. August Door Locks.

15. QNAP NAS systems – any of them rock.

16. GoPro

17. D-Links line of home of IOT products.

18. Leather – Saddleback Leather. “They’ll fight over it when your dead”

19. Luggage – Eagle Creek.

20. Papago Dashcams.

21. Ventev chargers and cables.

22. Think Tank Products for cameramen – Any of them.

23. Plasticase Nanuk’s beat out my old favorite Pelican case. Overall just a better product.

24. ?? What did I forget?

I’m sure I forgot some – put in comments below what you think I missed and check back here for updates.