Best Smartphone To Buy and Best Per Carrier For Xmas 2012

Okay folks so here is my definitive list for the Xmas holiday of the top phone on the market in my opinion and testing. Note that all of the major carriers send us phones and I spend most of my time with 10-15 phones piled on my desk for testing and comparison videos. We spend a TON OF TIME playing with and reviewing phones.

Best phone you can buy on the market right now: LG Optimus G 4G Android Phone (AT&T)

Why? Benchmarking wise with its quad core it is the fastest 4G phone out there with Geekbench scores 2100-2300. Rock solid, beautiful construction, killer new UI, perfect screen size, crisp image screen, great battery life, all these make it an awesome phone. The Galaxy Note 2 AT&T comes in 2nd but benchmarks speed much slower than LG and screen is too big as a mobile phone. Speed difference is huge. I like LG’s new UI better. Still has plastic build feel.iPhone 5? Dump it. It benchmarks at 1500, making LG roughly 1/3+ faster and Note 2 runs circles around it. The new age of Quad Cores are here and Apple is way out of step.

Heres the top phones in my mind per carrier, these are what I would BUY:
AT&T: LG Optimus G 4G Android Phone (AT&T)
Verizon: Samsung Galaxy Note II
(we’d guess the Droid DNA but we havent tested it yet and its not available yet. 1080p screen quad core sounds sweet, but 1080p may slow device and give battery drain)
T-Mobile: Samsung Galaxy Note II
Sprint: Samsung Galaxy Note II
Virgin Mobile: Virgin Mobile – Apple Iphone 4s 16gb Memory No-contract
Boost Mobile: LG Venice Android Prepaid Phone

Thanks to all our friends at the mobile carriers for sending us phones to review. Tune in to our Youtube at: to see all the phone reviews!