Bike2Power BikeConsole Power Plus for iPhone 5/5S Review



o Designed for iPhone 5

o With built-in Lightning connector for charging the phone while inside the case

o With form-fitting weatherproof battery pack that can be securely attached at the back of the BikeConsole housing

o Compatible with New Universal Mounting Bracket (IPBK-02)

o Battery capacity: 3000mAh (more than double phone’s battery burn time)

o Battery type: Li-ion rechargeable

o Input: DC 5V max. 1A input through 2.5mm DC jack from compatible power sources (eg. BikeCharge Dynamo, PC or wall-mount chargers; USB to 2.5mm DC cable included)

o Output: DC 5V max. 1A output through integrated Lightning connector

o With extra micro USB output port for charging other devices (micro USB to USB female cable included)

o Can charge and discharge simultaneously

o Package includes:

– Cradle with integrated Lightning connector and form-fitting silicone lining
– Easy grip polycarbonate case for daily use (translucent in color)
– New universal mounting bracket
– Allen key for fixing bracket on bar
– Additional rubber pad for increasing bracket grip
– 3000mAh form-fitting battery pack
– USB to 2.5mm DC power in cable, with screw head to prevent disconnection during vibration
– Micro USB to USB female power out cable, for charging other devices