Call For Co-Bloggers

I’m looking to do a series of blog posts with other Blogger but with a concept I’ll call Co-Blogging (whoops after coming up with idea, I Googled it and turns out its already a term and concept. Story of my innovative life, lol)

I’d like to try having a few Co-Blogging post where 2 people can share their points of view on a given concept we choose. Given my site gets tons of traffic, it might help someone get more exposure and traffic. I might even use the co-interview site Wetoku to do video. Personally, I think it would be interesting and give you, my important reader – TWICE the amount of goodies per a Post. Win-Win.

The ideas have to be within the scope of Social Media and to be a relevant popular ideas. You need to have a successful blog you can copy the post to – see how this helps you too.

If your interested – contact me and lets chat about a idea and take it from there. My number is 310-997-2204.


ps. If you have video we can try the Wetuko software.