CHERRY DC 2000 Corded Business Desktop Combo Review

The CHERRY DC 2000 is focussed on the core business office work. With durability, precision and reliability, this wired desktop set is equipped for all tasks in the demanding day-to-day office environment.

Optimised for professional use in the office (GS approval)
Wired mouse with 3 keys and scroll wheel
Symmetrical design in standard size – suitable for left- and right-handed users
Resolution 1,200 dpi
Flat, corded keyboard with abrasion-resistant labelling
4 hotkeys (calculator, e-mail, browser, sleep mode)
3 blue status LEDs
Up to 10 million keystrokes
Plug & Play via 1 USB connection for keyboard and for mouse
Keyboard awarded the ‘Blauer Engel’ environmental seal