Chris Voss’ Mastermind Social Media Marketing Group Launch

As a Forbes Top 50 Influencer of influencers and over 500,000 followers, I can move eyeballs across social media, but many clients cant afford full access to all of my marketing consulting. Some would love to do more with me to inexpensively promote their Brands, get some social media ads, co-host my podcast to promote their Brands etc. Some folks just want a community for questions and answers. Some folks would like to have inexpensive access to being able to market their services to my channels and audiences. What if you could ask me about anything regarding social media, startups, entrepreneurship to pick my brain? Now you can.

So as of Today, I am launching a special private Mastermind group on Facebook. To launch this I’ll be offering LIMITED TIME low yearly sign-up investments on your part for the new people who help this new launch as I build it out. This pricing is only available for the launch and may increase at any time as I roll this out for demand. Grab it now while you can. This is a year membership in my private Mastermind group on Facebook, where you can get advice, powwow, network etc. in the group. I’ll be in the group almost daily answering questions, chatting, talking issues etc. You’ll be welcome to post in it, ask questions etc. To help launch it and for the early sparseness, as I build it up, I’m offering some excellent pricing to jump on. In the future I’ll also be offering special deal advertising group members can use to advertise on my channels from time to time.

How many Mastermind groups can you join that can give you advertising opportunities to their 500,000+ followers? This isnt your normal Mastermind group.

Here are the LIMITED TIME PRICED Tiers subject to change at any time. Grab them now for this launch. I guarantee you’ll be happy with the group. If you’re not happy with the $99 price in the first month, I’ll refund 100% of your investment for the yearly group cost.

Monthly 17.95 Gets you in the Mastermind group with reoccurring billing.:

Yearly Package Savings:

1. $99 Investment gets you in my Mastermind Group for 1 year. Thats basically $8.25 a month. You pay more for Spotify and probably learned nothing. Invest in you. For a limited time first dozen or so members will get a person tweet out thank you twitter tag on my Twitter channels.

2. $199 This investment gets you Mastermind access for 1 year AND a one hour call you can use to consult with me anytime in the next year. Use it when you like and save it for when you need it. $100 off what I normally charge to consult with companies.

3. $299 Investment gets you Mastermind access for 1 year, a 1-hour consulting call and 5 tweets over 2 days tweeting out your Brand or Product links across all my Twitter accounts with nearly 400,000 followers.

4. $499 You get Mastermind access for 1 year and get your Brand/Product featured on a The Chris Voss Show Podcast episode.* Whatever you want to promote the hour is yours. I, of course, promote these indefinitely with my channels, so it gives you access to my audience. Use anytime in the next year.

5. $799 Will get you Mastermind access for 1 year, get you 1 featured Podcast AND an email blast out for 1 week featured on Social Media Tech on my Linkedin Group that DIRECTLY emails the 117,000+ followers in the group and keeps you pinned at the top of the discussion board for a week. Use anytime in the next year.

6. $997 Investment gets you Mastermind access for 1 year and you get to be my The Chris Voss Show Podcast Co-Host for 5 episodes with 1 featuring your Brand or product (1 hour episodes). The other 4 you’ll be a co-host for social media topics of the day and get to plug your Brand/Product on the “Bookends” of the show plugs.** Use anytime in the next year.

7. $1297 Investment gets you everything in #6 Plus the Linkedin email blast and week feature in #5 in addition. Use anytime in the next year.

**The audio for these ads go on iTunes and Google play indefinitely. The Podcast goes on Youtube permanently and acts as an ad that will last for years for your Brand. This is probably the cheapest ad you will ever buy. With any of these upgrades, you can keep them as an open check and use them anytime in the next year.

Because this is a limited time priced launch the billing is NOT reoccurring. I cannot guarantee these prices at any time in the near or far future. Grab them now as they are subject to change at any time to meet demand and at some time I may cap the group size. Once you signup I’ll be adding you to the Facebook Group, emailing you and thank you for being on the ground floor of this launch. Thank you sincerely for your interest.