Chris Voss Reviews Tony Hsieh of Zappos Delivering Happiness Book

The Book has been given away to Skip a lucky commenter below. Thanks Skip

The Winner of the Autographed book wrote:
Hey Chris,

What a wonderful surprise and what an honor to hear from you about it personally. I can’t wait to get and read the book… see it’s a dream of my wife and I to start a business one day in the fashion industry that’s built around customer service and delivered via the web (similar to Zappos but supplemented by traveling festivals where people get to see and buy our line via a party). We’re all about wanting to put a smile on our customers’ faces and connecting to them though what we envision being a virtual “hug with a squeeze”. We’ve got a business plan with some great ideas. But it’s sort of on the shelf as we hit a wall in finding the $$ to get it rolling.

We’re got the vision, have defined the mission, and are planning to build it upon a foundation of values (which sort of align with the green movement and those of social media marketing). In our quest, we have become students and evangelists of the social media revolution (as it seems to be amazingly down main street of what we’re dreaming to do). Thanks so much for your blog and thanks a bunch for the opportunity to win this book. Who knows, it just might be the catalyst to help us get our dream off the ground.

Thanks again for this and everything you do!!!
– –
Skip W.

**Sounds like it will be well used – thanks everyone.

**FCC Disclaimer: I received free advanced copies of the book, my statements are honest opinions of the book.