Christopher Hitchens, My Pending Epitaph and My Greatest Question Unto You

“I’m quite bloody proud of my Epitaph so far…How about you?”

“The Chris Voss…He, Lived it!”

Surrounded by friends in the funniest display of moments in true nature, can one really ask for a better sample of the endeared slice that may exemplify ones life? It is one of my grand epitome’s to the additional photos found below. At my Funeral can you keep a straight face, with this photo lifted up, next to my casket! I’d think you would laugh and I would most certainly encourage you to do so. What is your funeral like my good friend, shall I look forward to the celebration of a grand life or unto the pity and wallow in your life left lost, yet unfulfilled?!

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Christopher Hitchens
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**I believe the above photo credit belongs to my great and longtime friend Jason Dazzo, whom I deeply wish was in this photo, but was dearly honored by his nature in so capturing such a moment of vision, as is his extraordinary talent and trade. You can see him at

Few have lived, as I have lived.